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What does it mean to be a badass?

I love Katie Couric’s definition of a badass woman as someone who “stands up for herself, is confident, and is not afraid to challenge the hierarchy, the patriarchy, or conventional thinking”.

To me, being labeled a badass is a great compliment for any woman. She has courage, has overcome obstacles, and now stands strong in her power and commitment to make a difference in the world.

If you’re one such woman with an inspiring story to tell about your personal and professional journey, I’d love to have you on the podcast. Share your story so others will be motivated to step into their full potential.

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While most kids were preoccupied with toys or sports at the age of eleven Julie Stern carried around a briefcase everyday. From an early age, she meant business and was keenly aware that being an executive in the entertainment business was her passion. Influenced by her early behind-the-camera exposure, Julie began pursuing her goal of working in production immediately. She attributes understanding the nuts and bolts of production as a vital piece of her success.

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