Praise for The Politics of Promotion!

If you’re one of those nice girls who think politics is a four-letter word, think again. From promotions to perks to plum assignments, savvy women know the path to success is paved by politics. The Politics of Promotion will help you to make workplace politics an integral part of your skillset without feeling as if you’ve compromised your integrity.

Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.

author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Bonnie Marcus has finally come out and said what needs to be said: self-promotion is a leadership skill! The Politics of Promotion should earn a place on every woman’s bookshelf. Marcus not only demonstrates why playing politics––zestfully, skillfully, and ethically—is essential for women seeking to shape satisfying careers, she offers invaluable advice on how to do it. This book offers a perfect wake-up call for women who want to believe that working hard should be enough. It’s not. Bonnie Marcus shows you a better path.

Sally Helgesen

coauthor of How Women Rise and author of The Female Advantage

The Politics of Promotion is a savvy book, full of advice for ambitious women. Bonnie Marcus explains that success follows not only from competently fulfilling one’s job description but even more from successfully negotiating company politics. To help women navigate these complexities, she offers a wealth of advice backed by examples gleaned from her long experience as a corporate executive and a career coach. Marcus provides the crucial insights that business schools leave out of the curriculum.

Alice Eagly

coauthor of Through the Labyrinth

Sheryl Sandberg taught women about the importance of ‘leaning in’ in order to get ahead in the workplace. In The Politics of Promotion, Bonnie Marcus gives women practical tips on how to be savvy about the way they lean in to avoid potential landmines; how to navigate the realities of their workplace, and position themselves for success without compromising their feminine traits or integrity.

John Gerzema

author of The Athena Doctrine

The Politics of Promotion totally reframes the concept of office politics. Bonnie Marcus clearly and practically explains how the work environment must be understood for anyone hoping to advance their careers. Through research, case studies, and a variety of powerful vignettes, the book offers insights for all individuals—women and men—who seek to be more successful, eliminate roadblocks and deliver for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Susan B. Chodakewitz

CEO, Nathan Associates, Inc.

More than a ‘rah rah’ motivational treatise, The Politics of Promotion sends a strong message that we must work hard AND be smart as women in today’s organizations. I found woman’s leadership guru Bonnie Marcus’s blend of personal experience, relevant examples and applicable tools to be a goldmine. Her strategic networking templates alone are worth the price of the book. A meaty great read for all women and those who support them.

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., CSP

author of Quiet Influence and The Introverted Leader

The Politics of Promotion is packed with practical knowledge every woman needs in clear, engaging, and actionable language. Marcus outlines a proven method for women to navigate the complexities of the workplace and get the promotions they deserve.

Gloria Feldt

cofounder and President, Take The Lead; and author of No Excuses

Women are graduating from college and entering the workforce ill-prepared to navigate their new environment. Putting your head down and achieving great results works in school, but being successful in your career requires more. Bonnie Marcus has nailed the missing piece: political savvy. The Politics of Promotion should be required reading for all college graduates.

Tiffany Dufu

Chief Leadership Officer, The Levo League

Women regularly think that doing a great job ensures promotion—I used to think so too. Instead, we know from data and personal experience that performance excellence means, at most, that you might be considered; actually securing the promotion requires a great deal more. Bonnie Marcus has seen how this plays across multiple disciplines and industries and is full of insight and advice that will put women in a far stronger position to understand how to create the opportunities their talent demands. Her tough love acknowledges injustice but her tough thinking is what promises success.

Margaret Heffernan

author of Willful Blindness and A Bigger Prize

Until genuine meritocracy becomes the norm, women will continue to face subtle bias and double standards. They will be greatly helped in navigating the traps and blind alleys of organizational life by the career advice that Bonnie Marcus offers in this readable book. Bonnie reframes the ‘dirty words’ of politics, networking, and self-promotion as necessary leadership skills that can achieve all-round benefits when exercised thoughtfully. Ambitious readers will feel better equipped to go for the leadership prize.

Alison Maitland

coauthor of Future Work and Why Women Mean Business

Bonnie Marcus shares from her experience on how to get the recognition and rewards you deserve for your work by managing the interpersonal dynamics of the workplace. Politics is inherent in all human relationships. The Politics of Promotion will teach you how to interact professionally and get promoted while staying true to yourself.

Marilyn Tam

author of The Happiness Choice