Praise for Bonnie’s Speaking and Webinars

We had the pleasure of having Bonnie Marcus as a guest speaker during our International Women’s Day 2022 celebration. Bonnie showed eye-opening statistics around the stereotypes and prejudices based on age and the implications they have. We discussed who is affected by ageism and what specific actions can be taken by employees and by companies to overcome it. The audience highly appreciated taking the first step towards creating awareness and left the workshop inspired and empowered to continue their growth journey. We were honored to have her!

Florencia Rodriguez Lamas

Commercial Sales Manager, Siemens Energy

An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Bonnie addresses the gendered ageism that holds so many women back. She offers real solutions to overcome it and inspires women to step into their own power and advocate for themselves. Her motivating message is exactly what is needed to navigate today’s workplace.

Heather Mikesell

Co-Founder, Well Defined

Bonnie was kind enough to participate in PowerToFly’s Chat & Learn virtual program. The audience felt beyond empowered and inspired to keep on advocating for their desires and professional aspirations. Bonnie shared actionable tips to address hard conversations with managers or potential employers and a useful roadmap to help our audience navigate gendered ageism in the workplace (and all other spheres of life). If there’s something we’ve learned during this session is that we will decide when we’re done. We would be honored to have Bonnie speak again at PowerToFly. 

Paloma Bianchetti

Community Marketing Associate, PowerToFly

I just finished a coaching session with Bonnie Marcus. What an eye-opening experience. A lesson on “how to own your value” and “it’s not what you do but HOW you do it.” A true empowering lesson for what I am about and for my future. I’m ready!

Treicy Soto

Director of Production and Development, Hispanic Streaming at NBC Universal

We recently had the pleasure and great honour to host Bonnie Marcus for a fireside chat on the very current topic of ageism in the workplace and, more importantly, how to recognize the warning signs and what to do about it. Our members came out of the session with a renewed confidence, a positive frame of mind, and an expanded view of the possibilities at their reach. We are Not Done Yet!™ On behalf of our members, thank you!

The Career 4.0 Committee AFFQ

Bonnie Marcus was referred to us by another executive leader in our membership named Susan Pelcynski who said it is important to get Bonnie’s thought leadership on how women who approach their 50s can continue to be valued in their organization and not be sidelined from ageism. Bonnie over delivered on her talk on owning your power, writing an new empowering story and adding value to the workplace. Bonnie led a very engaged conversation, created a safe space for women to be heard, and people stayed to connect with her after the event. We absolutely recommend Bonnie to be your coach or speaker without hesitation.

Grace Dancel

Director of Chapter Management & Compliance, UPWARD

Bonnie is an engaging, insightful, and practical speaker, author and coach. She gets to the root of why ageism in the workplace exists and how to deal with it. She invites her audience to share experiences and learnings with humor and compassion. We truly appreciate her support for women at all stages of their careers. Her presentation and facilitated discussion at our recent virtual networking event brough our attendees together in much the same way as an in-person event. Bonnie is the real deal.

Marla Persky (President & CEO); Debbie Holzman (SVP & Chief Operating Officer); and Sheila Murphy (Chief Leadership & Talent Officer)


Bonnie was a such a wonderful speaker for GetSetUp. She was a pleasure to work with in the planning process, and her warm, knowledgeable and engaging approach made for an unforgettable event. The important issues she raised prompted enthusiastic responses from attendees, who were overflowing with questions. Bonnie welcomed discussion openly and made connections with audience members with ease, even from the virtual stage. Thank you for a successful event, Bonnie!

Nathalie Wade

Guest Speaker Program, GetSetUp

I read Bonnie’s book the “Politics of Promotion” after absolute frustration with why career progression. I had delivered incredible results, built high impact teams, and even went back to school but I was not getting ahead and I could not figure out why. Enter Bonnie’s book. I could barely put it down and upon the last page turn immediately contacted Bonnie. I was the doer and stuck in the trap but at least I had finally learned what was holding me back. Ugh, it was me. The 360 review was incredibly telling. I learned more from my six month engagement and the book than I did from most of my Master’s level courses as this just isn’t taught in school or on the job for that matter.  My engagement with Bonnie has changed how I work, how I present myself at work and how I interview. Onward and upward!

Kelly Brockmeier

National Director PR & Social Media, Wounded Warrior Project

Bonnie came to speak to CoveyClub about how we internalize our own age-related stereotypes. She brought the facts, the research, and the solutions for stopping this self-destructive behavior. Yes, ageism exists. But what really holds us back is our own self limiting beliefs.

Lesley Jane Seymour


Bonnie was a keynote speaker at our recent (virtual) Women’s Leadership Forum. She was an engaging speaker, which is always a challenge in a virtual setting and shared insightful information with our attendees. She urged the audience to reflect on both the internal and external barriers to success for women in the workplace. She was thoughtful in her responses to audience questions and provided tools the audience could access and adapt right away.

Dominique M. Stumpf

Chief Executive Officer, National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

A big THANK YOU for speaking at the IBA Women in Insurance Conference in San Francisco. I really loved the content that you shared. I had several people mention how they really resonated with your energy and content. I feel honored to have had you as a part of the day!

Jesse Friedl

Senior Conference Producer, Insurance Business America

Bonnie’s workshop, Look Out Before You Lean In, offered for women by the Center for Corporate Education more than hit the mark!  Bonnie has a special knack of making each participant feel that they are having a conversation with her as she offers tangible, strong messages, strategies, and guidance in a very personal way. Her approach is impactful yet gentle, and her content and exercises resonated with everyone.  She has a way of framing experiences we all have into valuable lessons. The audience took away so many insights into their behavior and that of others. Everyone requested that Bonnie return soon! We look forward to having Bonnie join our conversation again and again…she is a most talented and inspiring role model.

Pat Malone

Executive Director, Corporate Education and Training, Stonybrook University

Confidence renewed,” “reframe for my life,” and “we can change anything” are a few of the comments from our Thrive small business owners who attended Bonnie’s workshop on “Challenging your Limiting Beliefs”! Her engaging workshop provided clients with new tools, and a renewed sense of empowerment.  Thank you for supporting WEV’s mission to “cultivate the power within each woman to realize her dreams, achieve financial independence, and succeed on her own terms”!

Lisa Champagne-Minyard

Thrive Program Manager, Women's Economic Ventures

Bonnie Marcus engaged our workforce with a thoughtful discussion on the politics of promotion.  She provided practical steps on how to first identify what you want to accomplish in your career and then be savvy in how you get there–through networking, developing strategic relationships, and advocating for yourself.  She inspired us to take action and support each other.  

Joyce Tabor

Senior Counsel, Actelion, a Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson

I had the pleasure of listening to Bonnie Marcus speak at an HBA event in April 2018 at Sandoz in Princeton, NJ. She is so amazing and inspiring, and gave the attendees so much to think about what holds us back, what assumptions (positive or negative) we have about ourselves and how we can take steps to overcome them. I have been actively applying some of those strategies in my life/career path and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in her workshop.

Madhumati Mukherjee, PhD.

Geneticist and Molecular Biologist

Bonnie Marcus was the Keynote Speaker for the 11th annual Refresh conference hosted by the Women of AT&T in San Ramon, CA on 8/29/19. Her talk, Step into Your Whole Self was timely and relevant for our attendees. She was energetic and kept the audience engaged. I personally walked away with some tips that I feel will help me as I move forward in my career. Thanks, Bonnie!

Melissa H. Ricks

PMP Women of AT&T – Regional President West 11th Annual Refresh Conference, Renew, Refresh & Reset, Your Life

I had the opportunity to hear Bonnie speak at a recent HBA event. In addition to being an eloquent and engaging presenter during her time on the dais, she motivates her audience to discuss relevant issues long after the talk is over. Her workshop on “Building a High-Impact Learning Culture” rang true for our small agency, and would be of great benefit to larger businesses seeking to train and retain top talent.

Alli Aber, PhD.

Chief Medical Officer, PRN Experts

Our group found Bonnie to be very helpful in giving practical insights into what we need to do to garner promotions.  Her wisdom and tactics combine to make the session very useful and attendees walk away armed with real information that helps them move their career forward.

Wendy Mann

CEO, CREW Network

Recently, Bonnie spoke and moderated a panel at a healthcare businesswomen event — doing an outstanding job providing specific recommendations to women on advancing their career despite male “power circles” at the leadership level.  After listening, you literally could leave the event and begin using her suggestions immediately.  Even the men at the event took copious notes and thanked her for such a valuable presentation!

Gloria Stone

Director-at-Large, Northern NJ Chapter, Healthcare Businesswomens Association

From our first telephone conversation, I knew Bonnie would do an outstanding job she certainly lived up to our expectations. Bonnie’s presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference to our audience.  Her talk “Owning Your Ambition” was well received by our audience as many women in our audience have a difficult time of balancing ambition with the other traits that make women successful in the workplace. As the closing speaker for our Enterprising Women’s conference, Bonnie was on target and delivered.  Thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic contribution you made at Enterprising Women.

Robert J. Viamari

Owner/Publisher, Cape Business Publishing Group, LLC

Thank you for your inspiring and informative keynote session on “The Politics of Promotion” at our Women in Leadership Conference. You did such a wonderful job and we were thrilled to have you at the head of our line-up.

Christine Seiler

Marketing Instructor, Women in Business Leadership Faculty Advisor, Bowling Green State University

Attending a Bonnie Marcus talk is like watching a master class on presenting.  Her warm and engaging style meld seamlessly with the importance and richness of her research.   She knows what she is talking about and at the end of her presentation, so does her audience.  A good teacher engages and imparts; that is what happens with Bonnie.  One leaves enriched and educated from the experience.  And her insights are NOT just for women.  

Robert Selverstone, PhD.

Bonnie Marcus just spoke at our Step Forward meeting and was fabulous!  Her topic was “Mastering the Art of Advocacy and Influence” and she really delivered an impactful presentation that our employees are still talking about. Bonnie walked the audience through the steps of Self Promotion, Strategic Networking and Political Savvy.  She also left us with 3 Key Points: 1. Knowing your value proposition is critical, 2. A strategic network helps you self-promote and build influence and 3. Navigating the system requires political savvy. Bonnie is a terrific speaker who delivers a motivating presentation.

Dorothy Kalksma

Marketing Communications Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc

Bonnie Marcus was a huge hit as the keynote at the Women’s Leadership Summit where we featured her book as the framework for the entire conference. Her stories and examples and strategies ring true and inspired action. We look forward to working with her again.

Janet Wigfield

Vice President/Executive Director Conference + Events, Working Mother Media/Diversity Best Practices/NAFE

I was looking for a professional speaker who not only had credibility and intelligence, but a person who understood the issues that woman face in their career development throughout their lives. We hired Bonnie to speak to our members at Women in Housing and Finance in NYC and she more than delivered! I highly recommend Bonnie for your personal training or for group coaching. Her value proposition is clear within minutes of meeting her!

Kathleen Parisi

President, K2New

Bonnie Marcus is a captivating and inspirational speaker. I heard her presentation at the Bryant University Women’s Leadership Conference in Rhode Island. Bonnie presents fascinating and unique material that is very meaningful to her audiences. She has a wonderful presentation style too. Every audience member appeared to be completely engaged and hanging on her every word. I highly recommend Bonnie Marcus for keynotes or other strategic speaking opportunities.

Sandra Long

President, Post Road Consulting LLC

I had the pleasure of attending Bonnie’s recent session on “Owning your Ambition” at the Bryant University 2016 Women’s Summit. In this talk, Bonnie offers succinct and research-based direction on career management skills, providing tremendous clarity on the many landmines in the working world. Bonnie, your message really resonated with me, and I hope you’ll continue to be invited to share your research with other women.

Donna Sposato Williams

VP Global Industries/B2B Industries, Bank of America

I asked Bonnie Marcus to lead an event sponsored by IFC’s Women Network entitled “The Anatomy of a Blindside” based on her recent book. The topic of politics in the workplace and of women’s approach to it resonated particularly with our audience which included staff at all levels of the organization. The event was extremely well attended and the participants appreciated Bonnie’s no-nonsense approach and practical advice. Bonnie is able to draw not only on her own successful corporate career, but also on the experiences of other women through her coaching practice and writing/speaking engagements. I believe this gives her a unique perspective. Bonnie spoke eloquently and her message was easy to digest.”    

Sharmila Hardi

Senior Manager, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Financial Institutions Group

Within 48 hours—and on different occasions–Ms Marcus spoke with professional and administrative staff, faculty colleagues, undergraduate business students, and liberal art majors. The results attested her stamina, of course, but also her versatility, intelligence, and remarkable abilities to enlighten and entertain. The timeliness of her thoughtful remarks impressed us all, as did her generosity; she listened, counselled, coached, and spoke sagely about ambition, gender, and leadership in the twenty first century.

Peter Iver Kaufman, PhD

Professor, George Matthews & Virginia Brinkley Modlin Chair in Leadership Studies, University of Richmond, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Bonnie has a gift for story-telling that moves her beyond glass partitions – ceilings or otherwise – and many of those stories and the lessons to be learned from them I resonated with. So thank you, Bonnie, for sharing that opportunity with me.

John Thurlbeck

Managing Director, Wear Consulting

“Thank you for the effective, practical, and interactive presentation, “Look out before you Lean in,” that you made at the Bryant University Women’s Summit this Spring 2015. After listening to you speak, I am excited about reading your book to learn more about harnessing and implementing your practical advice. I will certainly pass this book along to my three daughters as it is applicable to the very different career fields that they are involved in…medical, non profit, and for-profit.”

Maryella Gainer

Lecturer, Accounting Department, Bryant University

Bonnie’s presentation to Professional  Women in Healthcare was excellent. She gave specific, actionable tips that all of us could implement immediately such as developing a “personal value proposition” and to “practice saying no.” I highly recommend her.

Colleen Stern

Vice President, Distant Learning Solutions, Professional Women in Healthcare

Bonnie recently led a workshop on the topic Leadership in Diverse Organizations at the 2015 Nutrition Leadership Network conference. Her presentation: “Look Out Before You Lean In: Managing Diversity in the Workplace Today” was a highlight of the conference. The process that Bonnie has developed really helped us to individually uncover the challenges that we face. She led us through a series of questions that elicited insightful feedback from our small groups. When we revealed current leadership issues in the large group I was blown away by her comments and how she encouraged us to take action, suggesting very concrete next steps. Bonnie is an invaluable resource. I would highly recommend her process for any group working on leadership issues.

Barbara Laraia, PhD

Association Professor, Chair of the Public Health Nutrition Program , University of California, Berkeley

The Cal alumni community raves about Bonnie’s presentation and insight.  Now we have to manage the demand for more of her time! We are so grateful for Bonnie’s generosity to the UC Berkeley community for providing such meaningful content.  

Elinor Tappe

Director, The Berkeley Network and Leadership Engagement, University of California, Berkeley

Thanks very much Bonnie for your presentation on “Navigating Through the Workplace: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead.” I thought this was one of the best HBA presentations that I’ve been to. It was filled with pragmatic information for HBA members, in line with the HBA mission, and presented in an engaging, direct manner. Great content and all valid.  If only I had this kind of input as I was ‘growing up’ in my career! Well done.

Anita Allen

Allen Advisory Group

I greatly enjoyed Bonnie’s presentation at the Bryant Women’s Summit. She is engaging and her presentation is powerful, informative and insightful. She did an awesome job sharing practical and important information and techniques with a conference room full of high-level, high-powered and motivated women entrepreneurs and women executives on how to succeed in a complex business environment. Her years of consulting experiences helped attendees understand her points and logic. I am ready to share her knowledge with friends and practice her advice at work. It is highly recommended.

Crystal Jiang

Associate Professor of Management, Bryant Unversity

I am an engineering manager at Microsoft. I watched your fantastic presentation on WITI website – “Look Out Before You Lean In.” I feel truly enlightened. You packed so much wisdom into a short period of time – it is truly one of the best productive ways to spend an hour. Rest assured I will be sharing it with my network of colleagues and friends.

Shaheeda Nizar

Engineer Manager, Microsoft

I attended one of Bonnie’s webinars and was intrigued enough to sign up for a 30 minute coaching session. Using the assessment, she very quickly honed in on some areas like building and leveraging relationships and mastering self-promotion where I was not being as deliberate as I needed to be. She offered practical suggestions that I immediately adapted into my daily routine. It completely changed how I was viewed in my organization. I recently was able to attend one of her in person seminars and the hour flew by as she engaged the audience in a dialogue on building your brand.

Stacy Schaeffer

Stacy Schaeffer, EMC

Bonnie’s passion, enthusiasm, and life lessons were presented to our Boston network of Women in Technology International (WITI) in November of 2013. The audience was fully engaged and looking for best practices to embrace and understand the political corporate world we live in to bridge the gap in one’s own department, organization or even one’s personal life. Bonnie was a pleasure to work with from planning the program to onsite engagement and follow-up. I would definitely recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Deborah Stark

WITI Boston Regional Network Director and Marketing Manager, Charles River Development

I attended Bonnie’s “Owning Your Career” presentation and found it very engaging. She clearly communicates the importance of thinking strategically about your career. What differentiates this from other presentations was the incorporation of strategies and tactics that are easily executed. Bonnie’s energy and positive attitude are infectious.

Ike Barbatsoulis

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Chubb Services Corporation

Bonnie, you “rocked the house” again this year at the RSPA Convention. Thank you for a great presentation!

Debi Besmer

Managing Partner, Archelon Enclosures

Bonnie is an excellent speaker. Her presentation to the Citi Women Network on “The Anatomy of a Blindside” was truly outstanding. Bonnie made it clear to all of the women who attended the presentation that in order to avoid being blindsided in their careers that they must embrace and understand the importance of workplace politics, assess their influence and value-add, and build allies and bridges across their organizations. Bonnie has forced all who attended her presentation to look outside of their comfort zones and embrace the informal influences that shape their careers. Bonnie is engaging and her insights and guidance should be heard by every professional women.

Heather Finn

Director, Citigroup Global Markets

Thank you for your recent webinar presentation at Smith College Executive Education: “Look Out Before Your Lean In: What it takes to overcome the invisible barriers to your advancement.” We received many positive comments from attendees, especially on how you helped them gain a new perspective on self-promotion. “Wonderful topic!” said one woman. Although it’s an obvious concept, it’s one that is difficult to master. Thank you for the boost of confidence and action ideas that I can take with me!

Iris Newalu

Executive Director, Smith College Executive Education for Women

It was a pleasure hosting you in our lovely country Kenya. The delegates were transformed and we look forward to hosting you again.

Maureen Areba

International Renaissance Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Thank you, Bonnie, for providing our members with such an inspirational webinar. “The Anatomy of a Blindside” was well-received by the participants and your knowledge and the information that you shared was particularly relevant. We received a number of replies ranging from “Great session – I left with a lot of ideas.” to “Thanks for offering such a wonderful program!” It is so true that there are many barriers to advancement for women and your thoughtful and insightful coverage of the reasons why and how to overcome them were of immeasurable value. We greatly appreciated your willingness to speak to our members and I would highly recommend you to my fellow association colleagues!

Cindy Simpson

Director, Association for Women in Science

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie Marcus when she delivered “GPS Your Career” as part of the Harvard Business School’s Career Management Webinar Series. Bonnie’s presentation focused participants on understanding the importance of strategic thinking in developing an action plan for career success. Sharing practical and actionable recommendations, Bonnie outlined strategies to leverage key relationships, promote ones value and identify ones power network. Her presentation was high energy, insightful and engaging. I look forward to partnering with Bonnie again.

Christine Paul Tetreault

Associate Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development, Harvard Business School

I recently invited Bonnie to conduct a training workshop “Anatomy of a Blindside,” for members of the Association for Women in Science, New Jersey chapter, based on recommendations of a colleague. Her workshop turned out to be engaging, informative and very productive. Significantly, the audience was inspired enough to take active participation and ask relevant questions as Bonnie went through the sessions of brainstorming on relationship building, career growth strategies and problem-solving. It was an interactive learning experience for everyone including myself. I highly recommend these sessions for organizations looking to inspire and promote career development for women and under represented populations.

Kamana Misra, Ph.D

President, Association for Women in Science, CJC Chapter

Bonnie Marcus has presented several excellent webinars to our members at WITI (Women In Technology International) and she did another outstanding job recently when she spoke about “Escaping Career Quicksand.” Our members are savvy business professionals and we got outstanding feedback from them about Bonnie’s style and the wealth of information she provided. Several areas that were extremely helpful include: understanding your value, assertive communication skills, getting over self-doubt, understanding how to be politically savvy, and the importance of networking and sponsorship. I highly recommend Bonnie’s work for any professional woman who wants to bring her highest game to her career.

Kathy Hill

WITI Webinar Manager

Bonnie Marcus presented a workshop on becoming organizationally savvy and tools for presenting your value in an effective fashion. Her workshop was very well received and the attendees thought that she was knowledgeable, well-prepared, responsive to participants’ questions and able to hold their interest. Her own career experiences and those of others she has coached provides wonderful learning examples that the audience could connect with. The workshop was led very well as she has excellent listening skills and was very capable integrating participant’s comments into a productive and rewarding discussion.

Alexandra Glucksmann

SVP of Cerulean Pharma, Board Chair of Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST)

I found Bonnie’s sessions very engaging and a lot more reflective. In a short while, I was able to “see” through myself and come to terms with realities that must be dealt with if I have to take a step to a new beginning. Knowing myself has enabled me capitalize on my strengths to advance and never let my weak areas draw me backward but rather use them to come up with improvement strategies in my day to day operations. I will always stand for my values and use that to establish constructive relationships with those I can listen to and learn from so as to reach my goal.

Christine Achola


Bonnie provided the Wharton Women a unique perspective on how building and maintaining meaningful relationships are a critical necessary for professional advancement. She connected with the audience with candor and passion as she reflected on how key relationships in her own past have helped shape where she is today. It was a pleasure to have Bonnie on our panel as she added immense value to the lively dialogue.

Rebecca Timmins

Wharton MBA class of 2014, Wharton Women in Business Conference Coordinator

Bonnie Marcus was the perfect keynote for our Women in Business meeting. Her realistic approach to work situations enable our attendees to walk away with ideas on how to apply solutions to their daily challenges. She was inspiring and encouraging. Everyone left feeling excited and uplifted. I would highly recommend Bonnie! Thank you!

Nicole Taylor

Director of Marketing & Communications, RSPA

Bonnie Marcus was one of our keynote presenters at the Manatt Women’s Summit. Her presentation on self-promotion helped our audience of female attorneys to uncover their fears about promoting themselves. Bonnie’s warm and engaging style allows her to connect with and inspire the audience to recognize their value and talent and communicate this with confidence. Her presentation was informative, enlightening and entertaining. She was a great asset to the conference.

Rose Ors

Business Development Director, Manatt | Phelps | Phillips

Thank you Bonnie for your wonderful insights at Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business conference this past week. Your words at the “Working in High Heels” panel discussion gave future female leaders clear tips and actions that we can use to deliver and promote ourselves going forward. Too often we talk only about the issues created by our unique gender qualities, and instead we were able to energize the crowd by teaching them to understand those qualities, address them, and even understand how to use them to our advantage. The Harvard Business School was lucky to have you as part of the day!

Sarah Hoopfer

Harvard Business School, MBA Candidate Class of 2012

Bonnie Marcus’ entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her speaking engagements and workshops. She is both motivating and thought provoking, and leaves you with a renewed confidence in your abilities.

Linda Moore

IT Professional and Event Director, PMI, Central FL

After attending one of Bonnie Marcus’s GPS Seminars I became reignited and much more excited about my business. I also developed some clarity and cognizance of the roadblocks which stood between myself, my business and success. For the first time in my life, I felt no guilt for wanting to earn money, and even became clearer and goal oriented on an actual amount.
 Suddenly more obvious to me was how overwhelmed I was working IN my business rather than ON it. Since being motivated by Bonnie’s GPS Seminar, I have been going like “wildfire” ever since and have been driven to more purposeful and direct actions. 
 Rather than being a floodlight of energy, I am have narrowed my focus and am operating like a spotlight with a much more narrowed and driven focus, and much happier going forward in this more controlled state of mind.

Debra Gaines

Owner/Artist, Debra M. Gaines Fine Art Gallery

Thank you for your wonderful presentation to Entrepreneurial Women’s Network on “Ditch the Pitch: A New Approach to Self-Promotion.” I cannot even begin to count how many women came up to me after your fabulous presentation to tell me that your suggestions have totally changed the way they will now present themselves to others. Thanks to you they were inspired to change their pitch and knew how to do so based on the exercises in your presentation. No more boring introductions for those of us lucky enough to attend your workshop.

Scarlett DeBease

Image Consultant

Bonnie Marcus has delivered this program (Selling from Your Comfort Zone) a number of times to our students and graduate coaches to rave reviews. Her style is engaging and her content very practical. In recognizing that coaches are selling themselves as well as a service, the various tools, techniques and skills that Bonnie teaches helps to make this feel seamless. Her delivery is experiential and people come away with a much clearer sense of key strategies to enable their success.

Bill Sex

President, New England Coaching

I had the opportunity to attend Bonnie’s workshop on “Selling from Your Comfort Zone.” Bonnie’s insight and approach regarding sales were transformational for me!!

Susan Miccile

Present Moment Coaching

I loved your presentation at the EWN luncheon. Although I have heard many lectures and tele-classes on defining your business niche, pitches, elevator speeches, etc, I liked the way you laid it out in a step-by-step process. It helped me to clarify further why I do what I do, thus defining who I serve and where my passion stems from.

Sandy Weiner

CPCC, ACC, Certified Professional Dating Coach

Praise for Bonnie’s Coaching

Working with Bonnie was one of the best decisions I have made for my career. She was able to ask meaningful questions that stimulated valuable direction. She provided a sounding board that produced constructive thoughts that have encouraged new goals. I plan to continue our relationship and find her to be a beneficial coach.   

Ilse House

Business and Marketing Strategixt

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie Marcus, during a recent job transition.  Bonnie was extremely insightful and helped me navigate the challenges of a new elevated leadership role.  She listens and has a wealth of experience to offer.  It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her to anyone in a new leadership position and/or anyone looking to be a more effective/impactful leader. Thank you Bonnie! 

Kimberly Blasius, MD

Director of Academic Affairs, Scope Anesthesia of North Carolina

Working with Bonnie is like watching the sun break through on a cloudy day. Her keen mind and razor sharp focus helped me clarify my priorities and create a plan for my business. Through my work with her I was able to push aside my self-doubt and find the courage to make decisions based on my true needs. I came to Bonnie as a seasoned and successful professional with a clear view of what I thought I wanted. I finished our work together having committed to a different path that has improved my quality of life while still honoring my ambitious nature. I am very thankful to Bonnie for such expert support and look forward to working with her again in the future.  

Alicia Farrell, Ph.D

Bonnie’s support was invaluable as I sought to navigate challenges in my professional life that seemed insurmountable. Her perspective, grounded in extensive experience, served to clarify events and circumstances that had eroded my confidence over the past several years. The tools and approaches Bonnie gave me enabled me to release behaviors and assumptions that were holding me back and focus on the abilities and passion I’d lost touch with. I’ve regained enthusiasm for my profession, learned to speak up and take risks, and gained more confidence than I’ve ever had. Thanks to Bonnie, I’ve been able to plot and move forward along a path to a more satisfying, productive career, improving the quality of my life immeasurably. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Strategist, IT Engineer, Leader

My experience with Bonnie was truly life changing. I sought her help as I transitioned into a new phase in my career. Bonnie was critical in helping me identify my strengths and deal with my weaknesses. I found Bonnie extremely approachable and relatable. Her experience as an executive, the knowledge she gathered through her years of coaching, and her pleasant demeanor all contributed to a successful series of sessions and a lot of personal growth for me. Bonnie constantly challenged me, and guided me through a time of professional and personal transformation.

Nora Abusitta-Ouri

Senior Executive

Thank you for all your support and advice through the Express Coaching program.  I greatly appreciate your flexibility in tailoring my sessions for me, including moving a session to before a job interview for additional insights and changing topics based on my needs.  You were even able to uncover causes of my lack of confidence, and help me build it up again.  It is amazing how quickly you were able to make a difference in my confidence and in my life.

Michelle Wilson

I learned of Bonnie Marcus and Women Success Coaching from her blog and her book, “The Politics of Promotion.”  Her wisdom and guidance were immediately applicable to my situation and my life.  When I began looking for a personal leadership coach, I thought of Bonnie first. From our first call, her questions challenged me to change my perspective, revisit all my assumptions and own my triggers.  She has been in the C-suite and held the CEO job, making her intimately familiar with the struggles and self-talk that can plague so many women in leadership today.  Her coaching has made me a better person and a more focused and aspiring senior executive.

Lynn Mason

Healthcare COO

During one of the first coaching sessions, Bonnie said, “why are you the lone ranger and not have more support” – it struck a chord.  She was spot on with how I felt. Over our coaching sessions, we worked on building consensus in the organization around the strategy and tactics.  Bonnie gave great advice on using simple words and phrases to continue to transform the perception of me and what I deliver.  She made an impact on my performance in a short period of time.

Laura Comilla

Director Solutions Design & Value Creation, Abbott Molecular

Bonnie provided a much needed, clear-eyed perspective on my current leadership challenges, and gave me sound advice on how to think them through.  Working with her was both productive and instructive. She understands the gendered aspect of leadership, which was also very helpful. I highly recommend her.

Anne Weisberg

SVP Strategy, Families and Work Institute

Bonnie was recommended to me by a friend who worked with her and I could see how the coaching sessions helped achieve her career goal after a few short months of working with Bonnie.  I hired Bonnie to help me transition to a new firm after 16 years at my previous employer.  Bonnie coached me and in my first 90 days she helped me reach my goals and assisted me in shaping how I wanted to be perceived and to put forth my value proposition.

Joanne Lenhart

Director, Regional COO Compliance Americas I Chief Operating Office, Barclay's

I started working with Bonnie as a coach when I was feeling “stuck” in my career after ten years in the same position. Bonnie’s insightful questions helped me to clarify my career goals and articulate my value proposition. Through coaching, I set aside time to conduct personal self-examination and reflection. Bonnie’s honest, constructive feedback encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and I secured a higher level position at a new company. In my new position, Bonnie has provided insight and perspective assisting me to strategically build relationships and navigate the C-Suite. I look forward to our monthly sessions!

Mary L. Rotunno

Associate General Counsel, El Camino Hospital

I attended one of Bonnie’s webinars and was intrigued enough to sign up for a 30 minute coaching session. Using the assessment, she very quickly honed in on some areas like building and leveraging relationships and mastering self-promotion where I was not being as deliberate as I needed to be. She offered practical suggestions that I immediately adapted into my daily routine. It completely changed how I was viewed in my organization. I recently was able to attend one of her in person seminars and the hour flew by as she engaged the audience in a dialogue on building your brand.

Stacy Schaeffer

Sr. Director, EMC

I met Bonnie at a Senior Women’s Leadership Event run by Barnard College and hosted by my employer. I was so impressed with Bonnie that I hired her shortly after to be my coach. It was one of the best investments I ever made. Bonnie helps me manage my career with the same discipline that I manage my business. I was able to achieve clarity around my career goals, put in place an action plan and focus on execution. Within a few months of working with Bonnie that long sought after promotion came through. Thank you Bonnie!

Patricia Gomes

Managing Director, HSBC

Our conversations truly helped me understand how my achievements and contributions are more valuable than the sum of the each individual accomplishment. This analysis taught me to step back and look at the commonalities of my successes and to write a story worth reading; a story that demonstrates how my experiences translate into value for my current employer, my future employer as well as in my position or in preparation for my next step. Also, your guidance on company politics, communication styles and the importance of being visible are so on-target.  The reality is that our hard work does not always get us noticed, rewarded, or considered. Over that past 10 months I have had the opportunity to observe and practice these skills. I have developed an extensive network of professional connections both within my large company, with customers and outside my field and region.  It is through these efforts that I have identified strategies for success and created a plan to navigate growth opportunities. While I consider myself a continuous work in progress, this experience has helped me professionally. I better understand how to better navigate the politics with less fear and frustration, I communicate with more effectiveness, and I am recharged with the confidence I need to continue to develop. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs to either recharge or refocus their internal conversations from ones of doubt to ones of confidence, courage and the creation of actionable steps toward growth.

Renee Devine

Senior Manager, Siemens

Bonnie Marcus is an accomplished professional woman who cuts straight to the heart of why your business is your passion and why your business can serve others greatest needs. She knows how to pull the bedrock story of your business out of you and guide you in the most prosperous direction in sharing your value and services. My experience working with Bonnie was both intensely personal and profoundly helpful for focusing the growth of my business. Bonnie’s coaching is extremely powerful and enlightening for important business development.

Jennifer Schelter


My VIP Day with Bonnie was just what I needed. She helped me clean out the mental muck that had been impeding the expansion of my business. Bonnie listened well, perceived accurately and helped me design a path to move my work forward. She was directive and supportive and challenged the way I had been approaching my work. Bonnie Marcus is a valuable coach who helped me take my business to the next level. Work with her – she’ll help you, too!

Laura Crandall

Slate Communications

I have worked with Bonnie for the past year and she has provided tremendous insight while helping me to think more strategically about my career, build strategic relationships and clarify my value proposition.

Mary L. Rotunno

Senior Counsel, Dignity Health

Every time I hear Bonnie speak, I learn something valuable for my business and my career. After the first time I heard her speak, I asked her to be my business coach. I was getting burned out in my job and hadn’t recognized the symptoms. I now work more effectively and efficiently using the tools and guidance I received from Bonnie during the last year. I actually spend more time working on the business, instead of in the business. As a small business owner, it is nice to have someone to be accountable to. If you are stuck or in a rut, I would highly recommend working with Bonnie.

Lynn Skurla

Skurla’s POS Solutions

Bonnie Marcus opened my mind to a new way to look at presenting myself to clients with my “Value Proposition.” I was one of the fortunate four to be chosen to receive a one on one coaching session in front of the Five Hundred participants in one of Bonnie’s seminars at the Baypath Leadership Conference. I now have a new and different approach to presenting myself to clients. I am putting more emphasis on my past accomplishments in brochures and information to my prospective clients. I have had wonderful success with this new approach with new and better projects.Thank you so very much for having given me this tool!

Bryarly Lehmann


I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie for a 4 week coaching session. From her first question to her last, she helped me to focus on my value to my community/company. I was challenged to focus on me, and not those around me. It is very difficult for me to do this; however, her skills and thought provoking questions were helpful in so many ways. I enjoyed getting to know and working with her. Most of what I discovered about my true value, I over looked daily. Her time and compassion helped me to look at my characteristics and my true self. Bonnie, thank you again for your time, energy and compassion.

Heather Connelly

HR Professional

I’m an established entrepreneur with a decade of experience as a hospitality & lifestyle experience. As a communications consultant, my diversity of experiences are rooted in branding, PR & business development. Call it the 10-year itch, but I found it challenging to create the next platform for me to best advocate my developing skill-set. After much research, I chose Bonnie Marcus as my Women’s Success Coach. Best call I could have made! Her years of expertise immediately pinpointed my core strengths, how to promote them for business, how to better articulate my ideas for the future & how to look at my unique strengths in a different way. In short, Bonnie showed me how to be a better entrepreneur in a no-nonsense, effective & supportive way. I recommend Bonnie to anyone who’s interested in becoming a better businessperson. Period. She’ll help you get your job done.

Davida Tretout

Times are tough and it is all too easy to fall into negativity. The hole gets deeper as we carry the burden of self doubt and recrimination. It’s like a monkey on our back, or the elephant in the room while we interview. Bonnie Marcus helps us to find our value, to focus on who we are and to–in her words–align ourselves with our strengths to move forward. I admit I was doubtful, being too long in the comfort of negativity: why try to leap the wall? Bonnie blasted through the wall and helped me to be positive about myself, to recognize my abilities and to focus on what I can contribute.

Louise T. Gantress

Bonnie Marcus is a true gem in the world of career coaching. In addition to her remarkable instincts and knowledge, she brings a unique passion and enthusiasm that is uplifting and contagious. Working with her is challenging because she asks difficult questions to get key answers. She is insightful and offers valuable perspectives. I enjoy the way she pushes me out of my comfort zone to think about different ways to attain new heights. I walk away from every conversation with new insights that I know will help to propel me in my career. I am excited to be working with her one on one and look forward to making some real strides towards my career goals.

Sonia Chhabra

Healthcare Professional

Bonnie Marcus was instrumental in helping me realize the value of “what I bring to the table” in terms of my background and experience as a woman in the workplace. The interactive interaction with the other professional women in the group brought different points of view to light that allowed me to view situations from a variety of angles.

Kerry Mooney

CTA, Travel Professional

I took Bonnie’s GPS Career Group Coaching Program in January 2012 and the benefits I received were inspiring. My one big take-away from this program was that connecting with my true value and identifying my “uniqueness” ultimately helped me gain self-confidence and success. I would highly recommend Bonnie’s courses if you are interested in identifying your unique strengths, the qualities that you bring to the table and how you can better leverage this in your career.

Antoinette Cialdella

JP Morgan

I recently worked with Bonnie for a little over a year, and I’m so glad I did. Bonnie is professional, smart, effective, and a lot of fun. Her years of business and coaching experience are evident in her work. I had just started my career in consulting when I began working with Bonnie, and her coaching techniques quickly taught me things it would have taken years to figure out on my own. She helped me tackle issues related to self-promotion, setting and achieving career goals, and navigating the corporate world. I plan to stay in touch with her as my career unfolds, and I would recommend that others do the same!

Katherine Smith


My father was preparing for a national lecture. I asked if he was nervous. He calmly replied, “I’m prepared, so there’s no reason to be nervous”. I’ve used this advice continuously throughout my life. Recently however, I found myself in a position that required so much preparation that I just couldn’t start preparing. I needed help interviewing for a senior level corporate position after being out of the workforce for 8 years. How was I going to sort through my 20+ years of experience, bridge the gap from the last several years, and then communicate my talents and value (in one hour) well enough to be considered for candidacy? After far too much procrastination I called Bonnie Marcus, Certified Executive Coach, Women’s Success Coaching. Hands down, that was the best thing I’ve done in 20 years! In only two 1-hour sessions, Bonnie led me through a process to organize my key qualities and relevant experiences, taught me how to think of them in terms of being beneficial to the position and company, and most importantly, through role-playing and inquisition prepared me to concisely articulate them during the interview. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited and confident. I actually enjoyed every second of the interview with the President & CEO the company. With great pride and endless gratitude to Bonnie, I have one more final interview and expect to land the job. I was prepared!

Lori Pinard

Marketing Professional

How on earth do I promote myself? Bonnie Marcus strikes a chord… By connecting to my value and talent, I can feel good about promoting myself in an authentic way. (Thank you, Bonnie for mirroring back my good stuff in such a clear and concise way and for “taking care of business” on many levels! You are great at what you do!)

Janina Serden

Bonnie helped me, as a new entrepreneur, net out what was otherwise a rather lengthy and convoluted explanation of what I do. I’m now much more comfortable promoting myself and am confident that I can get my point across in a direct and succinct manner. Thanks Bonnie!

Stephanie Deitzer

Founder/President, Style at Work

Working with Bonnie was a profound experience which has benefited many aspects of our business. The process of creating a new elevator pitch shed light on how stale and tired Bevara’s marketing had become in recent years. By creating a new pitch, I experienced a creative burst of energy, and also returned to the very core of the company’s mission. The new pitch led to the development of an entire re-branding which included our website. It also fundamentally re-shaped how we write proposals. This new found energy has led to even more jobs, and an increased profit, for Bevara. Thanks to my experience with Bonnie, I feel as if I found re-discovered my professional soul!

Stefanie Joy Muscat

Founder & Principal, BEVARA

Bonnie truly knows how to ask us the perfect questions so first–we clearly know who we are, what we do and how we can best serve our clients. From there she works her magic to help us create an “elevator speech” that sounds concise, smart and natural. Thank you Bonnie for helping form a much easier line of communication between my business and those who can help me prosper

Donna Mac

Sound Designer & Voice Artist, DMacVoice Productions

I live in Australia and have never connected with anyone via Skype before. This was an exciting experience and Bonnie made the process so easy. She was very easy to communicate with and was very skilled in drawing out the information she needed to help me put together a “pitch” for my business. I didn’t realize until speaking to Bonnie that I didn’t really have a pitch at all and when people asked me, I was very hesitant and not at all convincing. So by the end of a 20-minute interview with Bonnie, I had ideas for my pitch. I was then able to put it together easily and Bonnie kindly gave me feedback. I now feel really confident that I will be able to easily and confidently promote my business. With thanks.

Louise Stoddart


As a first-time small business owner, Bonnie’s GPS Your Career course helped me understand and articulate what sets me apart from other image consultants. This course is truly like a personal GPS! Prepare to dig deep, climb high and discover!

Wendy Jacobs

House of Colour

Bonnie is an excellent coach. She listens intently and stays focused on your goals throughout the session. She has a unique and effective blend of coaching and consulting that she uses to move you forward each session in a way you might not have ever realized on your own. Her natural ability to connect with you and her compassionate way of approaching your goals makes her one of the best coaches around. I highly recommend her if you are serious about reaching and even surpassing your life goals. Two thumbs up Bonnie!

Sara Orozco, Ph.D


Bonnie was amazing as my coach. She provided a supportive, reflective and action-oriented coaching partnership with me to help me achieve weekly goals. Whether or not I was working on something very specific or was having a particularly challenging personal issue, Bonnie’s approach was consistently attentive to my needs as her client. I miss my weekly phone calls and hope to have her as a coach again in the future.

Kelly Wishart

Adminstrator, Professional Development and Quality, Children’s Friend

I highly recommend Bonnie Marcus to any business professional looking for a coach. Bonnie’s solid background in business allows her to understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs today. Her expertise as a coach is to help her clients achieve their goals and more importantly to sustain those results.

Marie Scherer

HR Manager, Staples

I worked with Bonnie for 10 years and I’ve known her for 18 – and I can say, without a doubt, that she is amazing. This is a woman who has always been and will always be successful. Her business sense is sharp and right on; her capacity to listen, guide and support others is phenomenal; her life experience as an executive, entrepreneur and single mother is invaluable. If you are ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming about, call Bonnie – she is the best.

Cheryl Bode

Owner, A Basket Case, Former VP, Gentiva Health Services

Bonnie is a very professional and knowledgeable business coach. She is very good at showing that there is more than one way to get a job done. Bonnie has positive energy and approaches her work with an experienced accomplishment. She is very organized and approaches her business life with a calm efficiency that instills confidence in her clients. Bonnie is widely respected in her community and by her peers.

Caroline Taylor

Real Estate Professional

Bonnie is a gifted, dynamic and highly skilled coach. Not only has she helped me to launch my life coaching and Laughter Yoga business, but she has been pivotal in propelling it to the level of success I desire. With both her coaching and her phenomenal workshop, “Selling From Your Comfort Zone,” I was able to target my niche audience and gain the confidence needed to understand that I can market my business authentically. Her approach is results-oriented with an eye towards hurdling what is holding her clients back, so in addition to one’s vision/goal being attained, it is also sustained. I cannot recommend Bonnie highly enough to anyone seeking to start or grow their business or career.

Katie West

Katie West Life Design

I would highly recommend Bonnie as a coach or business consultant. Her creative and professional approach really helps to bring your business goals into focus after which a solid plan can be formulated. I used Bonnie as a coach to help me develop my business and found her personality, warmth and intelligence to be an inspiration. She helped me immensely.

Laurie Charpentier


Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. I took Bonnie’s 12-week action marketing group. Bonnie’s group helped me meet my sales goals, stay on track and also bust through several challenges that were keeping me from taking action. Bonnie sets a great tone–the group was very effective, efficient and supportive. Bonnie’s ideas are terrific. I also hired her to help me with a sales letter and her suggestions were invaluable. I highly recommend working with Bonnie.

Lisa Tener

Book Coach

I have been an entrepreneur (self employed) for most of my working life, almost 30 years. I consider myself a very lucky person, I LOVE what do as much as I did when I started my business. Maybe more. Despite my enthusiasm for what I do, about a year ago I started to struggle with promoting myself and my work. All of my promotional material felt old and tired. When people asked me what I did for work, I didn’t want to tell them. Although other people didn’t seem to notice my frustration, I felt bored and stuck with my own words. That’s when I was connected with Bonnie, and honestly, it was just in the NICK OF TIME! Through a series of one-on-one sessions and thoughtful homework assignments, Bonnie drew out of me a renewed and deeper sense of myself and my work. One that is consistent with who I am today, thirty years later. With new ways to share who I am and what I do … I feel rejuvenated and re-inspired to continue my work for the next thirty years! I highly recommend Bonnie and her process of getting you where you want to go!

Tricia Bennett

Pondmark Inc.

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