For months now, I’ve watched the Covid-19 death toll increase in my community and across the country and the globe. I’ve been grieving for all the people suffering and for the families who have lost loved ones and haven’t been able to hold them or gather together to mourn them. I’ve grieved for my own separation from my family. It’s been challenging to live without human touch.

I grieve for everyone who has lost their job and is struggling now to make ends meet, for businesses that face the prospect of closing for good, not being able to sustain the lock down. 

This has been a traumatic few months.

And now, just as we’re re-emerging from our quarantine, we face the harsh reality that racism in this country has once again reared its ugly head. Angry and frustrated, people have taken to the streets by the thousands and have taken over our cities and towns. Videos of police brutality, unnecessary violence and death, damaging and looting businesses hits us whenever we feel brave enough to turn on the news.

I am so sad for my country. I recognize that there are some hard truths about racism we need to face and some changes need to happen, but we seem to have lost our way as a nation. We seem to be so caught up in hatred and divisiveness that a solution seems beyond our reach.

But what I’ve also experienced through these past few weeks is gratitude. Gratitude is my saving grace, without it, I know I would lose my way.

I’m grateful for the front line workers who keep me fed and safe and take care of those who have fallen ill.

I’m grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones.

I’m grateful for living in a beautiful place where each day, despite my self-isolation, I can experience nature, walking along a mountain path or the beach.

And I’m grateful for all of you, many of whom have read my blogs for years. I’m grateful for your support. I’m grateful for my clients who inspire and challenge me each day to be my best.

Gratitude doesn’t take away my grief, but it does help me cope with it. I find solace in expressing my gratitude each day.

What about you?

How are you coping?