Women have won the longevity lottery, outliving men by an average of six years with all the opportunities and challenges that greater longevity brings. New research informs us that living a longer fulfilling life is no longer just about genetics. We have up to 90% control over our longevity, and women, with their power and influence in the world, are poised to lead the way to change the narrative on aging.

Older women are now better educated, more financially savvy and empowered than ever before. The annual Forbes 50 over 50 list celebrates women 50+ who are making a difference in business, politics, and entertainment in the world. We see icons like Oprah, who is 70, and Melinda French Gates at 59 making a difference. At 77, Janet Yellen runs the U.S. Treasury. These women and many more in this age demographic have the influence to debunk the myths about the relevancy of older women. Their example inspires us drop the ‘over the hill’ myth and take advantage of our longevity to live a more fulfilling life.

According to Maddy Dychtwald, women can show the world how long life can be done right and what can be accomplished with a longer life. I recently spoke with Dychtwald, Co-Founder of Age Wave and author of Ageless Aging: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Healthspan, Brainspan, and Lifespan, who at 74, has a mission to help women live better longer. Our conversation focused on the new research on longevity, how it affects women, and what women can do to improve their lifespan, brainspan, and healthspan.

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