How often have you been at a networking event or business gathering and someone asks you, “What do you do?”. Panic sets in as you try to remember your Elevator Pitch and it’s specific formula to answer the question about what you do. You break out in a sweat as you stumble through the arbitrary pitch. Frustrated, you leave that conversation thinking, “Oh my goodness. I just sounded like a fool”.

Why is it so awkward to articulate what we do? Why do we have so
much difficulty talking about ourselves and promoting ourselves? That
loud inner voice tells us time and time again that promoting ourselves
is wrong. It just doesn’t feel right.

But here’s point: You are talented and successful. You are excited
about what you do. There is nothing wrong in letting people know what
you’re doing, how well you’re doing it, and how fulfilling it is for
you. Believe it or not, people will be genuinely interested in hearing
what you have to say if you are GENUINE.

So if the Elevator Pitch works for you, that’s great. If you get
tongue tied and do not feel comfortable with it, ditch it. Then you
ask, “Well, how do I promote myself and my business?

Take some time to think about your accomplishments. Think about why
you love what you do and how that effects others. Connect with your
Passion and Purpose and create your own message to answer the question
about what you do. Make it personal. Make it authentic and believe me,
people will respond. Practice it with your mirror. Practice it in your
shower or on your morning run. Practice it with your pets, with your
friends, until you really connect with the true Passion and Purpose of
what you do.

Try it at your next meeting and let me know how it works!