How often-even before we began-have we declared a task “impossible”? And how often have we construed a picture of ourselves as being inadequate?….A great deal depends upon the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence with which we affirm them.
–Piero Ferrucci

Much has been said recently about the Laws of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. You cannot escape the hype these days about “The Secret” and how you have the ability to attract whatever you want in your life. The basic premise of both the Laws of Attraction and The Secret is that you can change your life by creating positive intentions around what you want instead of focusing on what you do not have. There have actually been some scientific studies that demonstrate how positive thinking effects your brain and thought patterns.

So, what’s with all the negative thoughts? Why do we persist in
putting ourselves down and sabotaging our efforts to achieve success?
We have seen the evidence that positive thinking leads to more success
and fulfillment.

Most of us are full of self doubt and programmed to be negative
about ourselves. When does it all start? At birth? As a teenager? As an
adult? No one can say for sure when that little voice starts to annoy
us with the negative chatter that undermines our behavior. What’s
really important is how can we silence that internal dialogue. How can
we program ourselves to ignore the harmful banter?

The first step in working through the negativity is to recognize
that it exists! Trite as it may seem, it’s the glass half empty/ half
full attitude. Once you become aware of the negative thoughts and their
impact on your behavior, it is much easier to shift your energy and
focus to the opposite. My favorite question to ask myself whenever that
little voice pops into my head telling me that I can’t do something is
to say, “What if the opposite were true? Then what would happen?” Those
questions alone can shift my focus to the positive.

Next time that little voice tries to sabotage you, try it and in
time you will learn to recognize the negative thoughts and ignore them.