Let’s shift the energy from the limiting beliefs of our upbringing and the negative chatter of self-doubt in our heads to a place of self-confidence. Identifying what holds us back from promoting ourselves is the first necessary step in this process. Once we recognize our “gremlins”, we can begin the work of turning each negative thought into an affirmation that will gradually help us attain more self-confidence. (see Part Two of this series). It takes work and practice every day to listen for the negativity and let it go. Recognize that these nagging voices we hear in our head are the main obstacles to our successful self-promotion.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS!  There is a way to effectively promote yourself and feel comfortable doing it.

Here are some statements to consider:

  • People respond to passion and excitement
  • People respond when you are authentic and sincere
  • People like to hear stories

You may feel otherwise but when you craft your message to be more personal and more passionate, people respond in a positive way. Wouldn’t you rather hear someone speak with excitement about themselves and their profession and how they got started in business than hear another awkward formal elevator pitch? Do you tend to tune out those elevator speeches after a while?

It is possible to create a message with such passion and sincerity that no one will be able to tune you out. Your message is too compelling to ignore.

Tap into your passion and purpose and craft a message to promote yourself and your services. Tell a story. Make it conversational.

What do you love about what you do?

What is your purpose?

Think about the above questions. Now, take a few minutes to compose your message.

Read it out loud.

After you’ve read it, if you say to yourself, “so what”, then start over.You should feel the energy when you read it.

Let this be an ongoing exercise. Continually review your message and modify or add to it to keep it exciting and interesting. Practice saying it out loud until you’re comfortable. Practice saying it to others. Note their reaction. Put all your energy and passion into the content and delivery.

After all, this is YOUR story. No one else has this story. It’s your unique look at the passion and purpose in what you do.