These are scary times and many people are fearful of losing their jobs as the financial crisis in our country continues. The instability of our economy breeds fear and sometimes panic. Suddenly, the job we currently have is the most important factor in our own personal stability even though it may not be the dream job we always wanted.

Now it is of utmost importance to promote yourself at work and take credit for all your accomplishments especially if you are concerned about possible mergers and layoffs. The need to showcase your work is critical. Maybe you were hesitant in the past to step into the spotlight? Maybe you are shy about accepting the compliments for a job well done? Well, think about this. Maybe you are sabotaging yourself by this type of behavior!

As women, we have been brought up to be humble and unassuming. This does not work in our best interests in the corporate world. How often when someone compliments you do you say, “Oh, it was nothing.” or “I need to give credit to the team”? Enough of that! It’s time to step up and accept the compliment and graciously say thank you.

Make a mental note, or better yet, write down all your accomplishments. Be ready at any time to speak about who you are, what responsibilities you have, and all the positive things you have done for your organization. Don’t sabotage yourself by not taking credit for what you have done well. Take every opportunity to speak about what your successes have been and what you are currently doing.

Promoting yourself at work is all about gaining visibility in a positive way. Whether you are in a casual conversation at lunch, a personnel review, a formal meeting or presentation, or just chatting with some co-workers, don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. If you are inclined to sit back and wait for others to recognize you, you may be in for a big surprise.

Self-promotion does not have to be all out bragging. It does not have to be all about “Me, Me, Me” all the time. Prepare and practice saying positive things about yourself and your work and when the opportunity arises, don’t be afraid to weave these statements into the conversation. Step up to the plate, take credit for your work, keep yourself in the spotlight and keep your job!