One thing that all successful people have in common no matter what their career or talent is that they see themselves as successful and they have an abundance of positive energy.

Do you realize that you can CHOOSE to be successful?

Do you realize that your thoughts create your reality and that if you believe  you will be successful, you WILL be successful?

OK. If this is true you ask, then why isn’t everyone successful? Herein lies the challenge. It is simply not that easy for many of us to BELIEVE that we can be successful, that we have the ability, the talent, the experience, the temperament, the drive for success. For in our minds, we believe the opposite, and therefore, we consistently sabotage our efforts. If our thoughts create our reality, then our self-doubt will keep us from achieving our goals.

The very first step to success is to plant the positive thought in your mind and embrace this thought wholeheartedly. Again, this is easier said then done. Why? Because we have so much negative chatter going on in our conscious mind that we drown out the positive thoughts.

If this is true for you, then it is extremely important to be aware of all the negativity and self-doubt.

Changing our language helps to change our thoughts over time. Here are some tips for putting a more positive spin on the “put-downs” in your head.

  1. Be aware of your language. Eliminate phrases such as “I’ll try” or “I’ll attempt that” or “I’ll do the best I can”. What are you saying after all when you use this language? that you will stop short somewhere BEFORE you are successful? Eliminate the word TRY and replace it with WILL and see how powerful that sounds.
  2. Eliminate vague language such as “kind of” when speaking about your goals and actions. Show your commitment and feel the power of using “I will”.
  3. Speak in the present tense when speaking about your intentions. Embrace the feeling that you have achieved your goals.
  4. Be decisive. Instead of “I would like to get that done this week”, use “I will complete that project this week”.
  5. Ditch all the negative statements such as “I hate making cold calls”. These statements are limiting your behavior and therefore sabotaging your success. Reverse the negative statements so that they work for you in a positive way. You have the CHOICE. “I know that making cold calls is part of my responsibility and I choose to do this well as it will open up doors that will lead to more revenue and more commission. I like having this opportunity to be successful”.

We all have the choice to be successful. Once we realize that we often make the choice to limit ourselves with self-doubt and negativity, we can move forward and CHOOSE success.