This post is a first in a series on Goal Setting for 2009 and beyond.

As we approach the end of 2008, it is a worthwhile exercise to reflect on the last year and recognize our successes and accomplishments. While it often is our tendency to focus on where we fall short and how we need to improve, this exercise focuses our energy on what is right. What’s right in your personal life? What is going well in your business and career?

I highly recommend this exercise before you begin to set your goals for 2009 and beyond. Write down all your accomplishments this past year no matter how small.

Here’s an “excerpt” from my list:

  1. Extended my running up to 5 miles, 3-4 times per week.
  2. Started blogging
  3. Joined a non-profit organization as a Board member
  4. Created and delivered successful workshops for my business
  5. Achieved my business goals for 4th quarter
  6. Had a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean with my family

As I begin to write this list, I get more and more energized by what I have accomplished. I am actually surprised by how much I achieved this past year and how much positive energy this generates.The focus on what’s right shifts your energy from your shortcomings to your successes and gives you the confidence to set your goals for 2009. After all, look at everything you did right this year! There is no telling what you can achieve next year if you set your intentions toward it. This exercise is a great first step and foundation for setting your intentions and goals.

What did you achieve this past year? What challenges did you have or did you take on? How do you feel when you look at your list of accomplishments? Are you now ready to take on the challenges of 2009?