I am always amazed at how  many people are traumatized when it comes to selling.  When I looked up “to sell” in the dictionary, I found these definitions.

  • to transfer services to another in exchange for money. (OK. I can live with this one.)
  • to persuade or induce someone to buy something. (Used car salesman approach?)
  • to convince (hmmm. Still a bit negative.)
  • informal definition: to cheat, betray,or hoax. (OMG!)

Yikes! No wonder those of us in sales often fight the negative public perception of sales people and NO WONDER no one likes to sell. It’s because they don’t like being SOLD TO.

There are many negative beliefs about sales. For those of you who think that you need to be born as a salesperson or need to be a certain personality type, I challenge you. You are hiding behind this limiting belief and assuming that only certain people can sell well. It’s too easy to take on this belief and the consequences are far reaching if you have your own business. After all, who can sell your business with more passion than you?

Sales does not have to be a daunting task. It’s about having basic conversations and dialogues with people. I emphasize dialogue because good selling is more about asking good open ended questions and listening. Don’t be intimidated into believing that you need to make spectacular slick presentations. Sales is  more about building rapport and relationships, gaining trust, and educating others about your product or service. Even sales professionals know that these are the basic skills they need to be successful.

You can have the best business concept in the world, but if you don’t get out there and acquaint people with your product/services, you will not be successful. Talk with people about what you do. Connect with the passion  you had when you first started your business. Make your message personal and interesting and just get out and sell!

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