There are many things in life that in theory appear to be so simple yet can be incredibly difficult to actually invoke. At the top of my list of seemingly simple things to do is accepting praise graciously and saying, “Thank you.”

Why do we feel the need to deflect the praise, apologize for our success, and even offer self-deprecating remarks about ourselves in response to a compliment? Obviously, the recognition makes us very uncomfortable. Why is that? Do we feel we are not worth it?

When someone notices our good work we need to stand up and take the credit. How often do we slip into the habit of giving the credit to others and not wholeheartedly accepting a compliment?

Why should it be embarrassing or uncomfortable to be recognized for our hard work and effort? Our upbringing taught us to be humble and to wait to be noticed, yet taking the back seat has never gotten anyone to the C-suite. Taking the back seat has rarely helped anyone get promoted.

Women are definitely more troubled with accepting praise. We need to get better at stepping into the spotlight at work and increase both our visibility and credibility in order to advance our careers.

It sounds so simple. Just look someone in the eye and say, “Thank you. I appreciate the fact that you noticed how hard I worked on that project. It was a challenge and it ended up being very successful.”

Step up to the plate and welcome the applause. Step into the spotlight graciously and it will have a very positive effect on your career. Know that you are worthy of all the recognition that is bestowed on you for your accomplishments.

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