We are all taught in Marketing 101 the importance of defining a niche and clarifying who we consider to be our target audience. I think we all understand this concept intellectually. It makes sense. When people have a clear understanding of what services and products you offer and who will benefit from those products and services, they can easily refer business. Yes, the concept completely makes sense.

Now, we are starting our own business. We have these wonderful products and/or services to bring to market. We don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to make a sale. So what do we do? Do we go back to Marketing 101 and choose a well-defined niche? Very often, we don’t. We ignore the marketing pundits and cast a really wide net in hopes of being wildly successful right out of the starting gate. We don’t want to turn down any opportunity that may come our way. The problem is that  promoting ourselves without a specific target audience and niche can often backfire. We try to attract everyone, but we end up not attracting the clients we want and we limit our success because we haven’t defined our message so that others can refer business.

The hesitancy to narrow our niche is often fear based. We are fearful that if we limit ourselves we won’t be successful and that when we first start a business we need to take any clients/customers that we can. This  approach can also be true, however, of more experienced entrepreneurs who are still holding on and patiently waiting for their businesses to grow.

The first step to attracting clients is to define your target audience. Who is your ideal client? Gender, age, income, educational background, occupation, geography, hobbies and interests, special needs are all important factors.

Once you clarify the target audience, you need to create a message to promote yourself and  your business that will attract this type of customer/client. Your message should be very specific about what you provide for that target audience and how they will benefit. There should be an emotional component for them to latch on to. Make your message personal and tell your story and your own connection to this product or service.

I have assisted many clients through this process and the results are usually quite remarkable. Once you get over the fear of narrowing your niche and you send a clear message to your network, your business will literally take off. All of a sudden, the light bulb goes on and people get it. They will know someone who needs your services or product and they will refer business.

Your promotional message can be used in any form of media. Now you have the content for any successful promotion whether it’s face to face meetings, radio, print ads, web site, or brochures.

Narrow your niche and you WILL attract more clients.

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