Performance reviews are a great opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and talk about your contribution to the organization. Always be prepared. The worst thing you can do is to walk into a performance review cold.

Here are some simple tips  to set the stage for a great review that showcases your talent and value.

  1. Outline your progress over the last year. If you have been journaling about your accomplishments, you have already started an ongoing performance review. This journal gives you the hard data you need to show what you have done. Start a journal NOW, in preparation for your review.
  2. Don’t let your manager control the entire review and do all the talking. Make sure that you are prepared to tell your boss what you want him/her to hear. When you are prepared, you can present yourself in the most positive manner.
  3. Think of your review as an opportunity to speak about your value to the company and your unique talent.
  4. Create a conversational message that summarizes all your accomplishments and gives specific examples.
  5. Graciously accept compliments. Do NOT deflect any praise that comes your way. Do NOT put yourself down. Present yourself as a valuable person who deserves the credit for the good work you’ve done.
  6. Don’t be defensive if some negative comments come up. Just acknowledge and focus on your strengths.
  7. Practice your message beforehand.
  8. Smile. This is your opportunity to shine.

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