We all have unique stories to tell about our careers and our businesses. I did a presentation last week on self-promotion in Boston to the Downtown Women’s Club and heard many great stories from the attendees and I was reminded again how truly wonderful all our stories are. Each story reveals something personal about us.

What is the story behind starting our business? Where did the idea come from? Why did we choose to start this particular business?

What’s been our personal journey thus far? How have we taken our passion and turned it into a business?

What attracted us to a particular company and career?

When we incorporate stories into our promotional message, it creates a message that attracts listeners. People love stories so why don’t we tell them? Why do we hesitate tobe personal in our approach to self-promotion? Often we get so hung up on presenting a “professional” persona that we end up with a promotional pitch that falls flat.

If, in fact, the goal of a promotional pitch is to attract interest and be memorable, it only makes sense that we should infuse more of our personality and passion into the message.

What is your unique story and how might you include some of that story in your conversations about your business and career?

Telling your story can make a huge difference in a job interview. It’s certainly an improvement over just reciting your resume. Think of an appropriate story about your accomplishments that will set you apart from the other applicants.

At a networking event, how do you answer the question, “What do you do”? Keep the conversation lively by revealing something personal (o.k. maybe not too personal) about how and why you chose to start your business, about your passion for what you do. People will remember you as they also tune out everyone else’s boring elevator pitches.

In our quest to be professional, we create messages that are dull and forgettable.

Step out of the box and say something that will set you apart.

Isn’t that the goal after all? To have a message that people remember?

I’m offering a teleclass in November on “Promote Yourself to Success”. This class will be 3 consecutive Wednesday evenings 7-8 pm EDT starting November 4th. Three one hour sessions $99. Class limited to six.

Participants will:

  • create a new promotional message

  • develop an action plan for self-promotion

  • practice delivering their message