Pretty soon we’re going to be flooded with blogs that talk about creating new goals for the new year and the importance of making new resolutions for 2010. ‘Tis the season, right? I am not even going there. You will hear enough from myriads of others about setting your intentions.
Let’s focus instead of 2009. Let’s reflect back on the year and think about our successes this past year and write them down. What a great exercise!
You can categorize all your wonderful accomplishments in 3 major categories:
1. WORK: What fabulous things (big and small) did you accomplish at work this year?
2. FAMILY: What incredible things did you do for your family?
3. SELF: And last, but certainly not least, what empowering,, rewarding things did you do for yourself this past year?

As you look over your lists, it should be readily apparent where you focused the most energy in 2009. Surely, it will be the list that will have the most success entries. So, what does that say about you? Do you need to modify your focus going forward? What can you do to better balance your life in 2010?
Most of all, this is a time to celebrate YOU. Your achievements in 2009 contribute to who you are today. Make them a source of your self-confidence going forward. If you achieved all this in 2009, think about what wonderful things you can do this next year. There’s no stopping you!
Recording our successes is important. We often don’t take the time to acknowledge how wonderful and unique we are and celebrate who we are. The time is now.
Happy New Year!