It’s President’s Week this week. Besides school vacation, it is also a time to honor Abraham Lincoln and George Washington; two past presidents who were a major part of our history in the United States.

The holiday this week prompted me to think as well about honoring all the women presidents who have started and are now running their own companies in the United States. These women are playing a major role in our current economy and our future history. We should take the time to honor and recognize all female presidents in business and the incredible impact they have on the economy in the United States.

Here are the facts:

  • 40% of all privately held U.S. firms are now owned or controlled by women. (10.4 million firms).
  • Women’s companies are responsible for creating jobs at twice the rate of all firms.
  • Women’s  companies are now responsible for more payroll than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.
  • Women’s companies are growing profits at a faster rate than all firms.
  • 420 new women-owned businesses are started every day!

Margaret Heffernen states in her book, How She Does It. Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the Rules of Business Success, “That these companies are doing so well says a great deal about female strengths and talents….These phenomenal numbers show just how effective women can be when they work on their own terms.”

To Madam Presidents everywhere, we honor you for your hard work and dedication, your commitment to your purpose and vision, and your contribution to the growth of our economy. YOU are our future.

Tune into Women Mean Business Radio on March 23rd, when I interview Margaret Heffernen.