Are you feeling the buzz? At least here in the northeast, spring has sprung. After a long and painful winter, the warm weather is such a blessing, and the change happened so suddenly that we were caught off guard. The beginning of the week, we were still in winter doldrums and by mid week, it was easy to forget the stormy winter and look forward.

The advent of spring has brought a great new energy and optimism. Can you feel it? Let’s dust off the negative energy, the worries of the recession and the fear that accompanies it, and embrace the new positive force.

What does this mean for you personally and professionally?

What have you put off this winter due to low energy? exercise? proper diet? quality time with friends and family?

Maybe it’s time to choose a new stretch goal. Use all the positive energy to fuel your self confidence. You can do anything!

Forge new relationships. Get out and build your social network. It’s an investment in you and your business or career.

Focus your energy on getting a new job, taking on new responsibilities, completing a difficult project.

Look for opportunities to collaborate or partner to build your business. The possibilities for co-creation are endless. Tap into your creativity.

Yes, spring has sprung. Can you feel the buzz?