I know a couple of things about myself. First of all, I am extremely action oriented. In the past, actively working toward my goals has contributed to my success. I am good at identifying what I want and creating and implementing an action plan to achieve results. That’s me.

Yet, very often life presents us with roadblocks that prevent us from moving according to our desired time frame. These barriers or set backs can be very frustrating for someone who has been successful by persistently pushing forward.

What I’ve learned about myself through this process is that I am impatient. I am accustomed to forward movement and feel uncomfortable with inertia. Sometimes this inertia even causes me to make decisions that are not in my best interest, just for the sake of being active; doing something.

Wise people tell me to trust the universe; that things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason; to be patient. I do believe there is some validity in this, yet I also trust myself. I have faith in my innate ability to solve problems.

How does one balance the trust that the universe will take care of us versus the trust that we need to take care of ourselves?

Here’s my current issue. I want to relocate. I came up with Plan A and put my house on the market. That plan didn’t work. Plan B was then created to rent the house year round. No takers. Plan C followed. That plan was to offer the house for a cheaper winter rental. None of these plans have worked so far.

Here’s what I know about myself. I will soon come up with another plan to move forward toward my goal. This next plan will not include waiting around for the universe to give me answers.

What about you? How do you react when there is no forward movement in your life or career?