How many of you enjoy making plans? For those of you like myself, who somehow feel more in control if they have a plan, you will appreciate this blog and confession.

When circumstances are very uncertain (in fact, when are they really certain?), I am the master of planning. I will most likely make several plans: Plan A if this happens; Plan B in this situation, etc. Having alternative plans in the face of uncertainty, gives me solace.

But life always seems to throw us a curve ball just when we think we are in control. No matter how many plans and back up plans I create, I find that I can still be unprepared. After all, it’s impossible to foresee the future and have a consistent strategy for what life presents us.

Intellectually, I understand this and yet my desire to be in control always takes over any inclination I might have to “wait and see” what happens. No, instead I can waste hours attempting to create some semblance of order to the chaos in my life. I have a plan, therefore, I must be in control.

I really do have to laugh at myself. You know the saying “the best laid plans”. Plan after plan after plan is scrapped because one cannot possibly plan for all of life’s surprises and uncertainties.

How do I break this addiction to planning?

I know one answer is to try living fully in the present. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great introduction to the importance of this spiritual philosophy and the book serves as a “how to” guide as well. It was an eye-opener for me when I read it a few years ago. I was excited about the prospect of changing my focus to living and appreciating every precious moment.

But honestly, I couldn’t help myself. After reading this book, I immediately made another “plan” to live more in the present!!!

Am I hopeless?