Look out world! My theme for this year is to re-energize my life!  And because it’s my theme for the year, any decisions I make will be evaluated with this theme in mind to determine if I am truly aligned and making choices that support my goal.

I must say that just the process of identifying this theme has already given me more energy, but more importantly, it has helped to me evaluate what in my life right now is draining my energy. I’m sharing this process with you because I feel so strongly that most of the time we don’t realize what deflates us; what brings us down. And if we do recognize it, sometimes we don’t even have the energy to deal with it.

This blog is not about being a super woman or super mom. As women we often take on too much and don’t give ourselves a break when we don’t meet our own expectations. This post is about energy. What fuels our energy? What drains our energy?

Where are your energy leaks?

1. Work

Are you doing the type of work that fuels your energy; that validates your sense of accomplishment? Because we spend much of our lives working, this is SO important. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do I look forward to going to work?
  • Am I tired before the work day begins?
  • Do I procrastinate completing projects? (this could be due to other factors as well)
  • Do I enjoy the people I work with?
  • Do I feel respected at work?
  • Do I spend more time being frustrated than fulfilled?

2. Personal Relationships

Our personal relationships provide a support system for us, but how much of our time and energy is spent supporting others?

  • Do I get the support I need from my friends and family?
  • How much time do I spend in relationships that drain my energy?
  • Who are the people in my life that give me energy and support?

3. Lifestyle Choices

  • Am I getting enough exercise?
  • Does my diet reflect healthy choices that provide me with the energy I need to support my lifestyle? (P.S. Caffeine is not the answer)
  • Do I take time out for myself on a regular basis to recharge my batteries?
  • Do I have a hobby or sport that I participate in that rejuvenates me?
  • Is my home environment organized and functional or am I always struggling to keep up?
  • Why do I live where I live? Do I spend too much time commuting? Is it worth it?

I know from my own perspective as I evaluate new work projects this year I will look very carefully at the type of work to determine if it aligns with my talent and strengths. Though it is sometimes difficult to turn down opportunities, I know how toxic it can be to choose projects that drain my energy and leave me feeling deflated in the process. I already have plans for a new website, a new radio show, a book and much more. Stay tuned!

I will look to spend more time with the people in my life who stimulate me intellectually and inspire me to be the best I can be. That’s a great energy source.

Let me ask you: What drains your energy? How can you re-energize your life going forward?