An amazing shift takes place when you connect with your unique value. It’s an incredible ah-ha moment!

When you truly understand your value, you present yourself with confidence; your body language changes; your communication changes; your relationships change and the way others perceive you changes dramatically.

For years, women have come to me for guidance on how to promote themselves. They struggle with feeling authentic and comfortable talking about their talent and accomplishments even though their resumes and experience tell a story of great success.

Why is this?

Because we struggle to fit in and be like everyone else in order to be liked. Now, as professionals, we are told that we need to differentiate ourselves and it doesn’t feel right. Somewhere along the line we get messages that we should be quiet about our talent. As a consequence, it becomes more difficult to make the connection back to what makes us truly unique.

We lose the vital connection with who we really are and our unique value proposition. We listen to everyone’s advice on who we should be, what we should do and how we should do it. This external focus distracts us from our own inner wisdom and our core essence.

What does it take to find ourselves again?

In her new book, Take the Lead, Betsy Myers says,

Leadership is a function first and foremost of self-knowledge and honest self-reflection.

How many of us take the time to figure this out?

How can we present ourselves to the world or promote ourselves authentically if we don’t do this self-reflection to find our unique value?

Understand that authentic comfortable self-promotion can’t be faked. It comes from a true understanding of who you are and what unique value you bring to the world.

Take the time to discover your value and this will be your foundation for career success and fulfillment.

I am offering you the opportunity to discover and connect with your unique value proposition so that you present yourself to your clients, your prospects, your colleagues, your friends with authenticity.

The GPS Your Career Group Coaching Program is a journey of self-discovery that will dramatically change your business and career by helping  you to position yourself successfully.

This four week course starts February 15th, 8-9pm Eastern and includes four 60 minute coaching sessions, worksheets and stimulating exercises to help you do the deep dive and de-clutter to re-discover who you really are and what you have to offer your company or your clients.

No more struggles with self-promotion! No more struggles trying to get clients or be noticed at work!

The class is limited to 10 participants, so please register now.