It’s amazing to me how smart I’ve become lately about a lot of things. I’m not bragging at all. It’s more about a confession for years of stupidity about myself and my business.

I’ve had many aha moments since I started my coaching business in 2006. I’ve learned that I don’t have all the answers and that my successful corporate career didn’t guarantee success as an entrepreneur. For a short time, I thought it would. This caused me to believe that if I just worked really hard I would be successful. I had the answers. I just needed to implement.

Well, I’m happy to say I’ve graduated from this stage in my business! And since this evolution, my business is doing exceptionally well.

Here’s what I needed to take place before I could reach my goals:

  1. Accepting the fact that I don’t have all the answers.
  2. Reaching out to subject matter experts to help me.
  3. Investing in my business. This is a BIG one. Until you make an investment in your own business, it will be difficult for you to ask your clients for money to invest in their business. Walk the walk.
  4. Understanding that working 24/7 is often counter-productive. It leads to burn out and stifles any creativity.
  5. Connecting with like-minded people for support, inspiration, and potential collaboration. My personal and professional network has been critical for my success and I work on expanding and building these relationships daily.
  6. Managing my expectations and setting realistic goals.
  7. Focusing on the opportunities ahead not the missed opportunities of the past.
  8. Prioritizing my activities and managing my time.
  9. Believing in myself. Daily entries in my success journal and writing positive affirmations keeps me on track and connected to my accomplishments and what I have to offer.
  10. Taking good care of myself physically and emotionally.


What is working for you? Do you have another tip to add to this list?