One of the first things I recognized at the onset of my long journey to Kenya was that I would be —unplugged— and disconnected from my smartphone, email and social media for several days. I tell you this with the full recognition that I am addicted to technology. I am guilty of continuously checking email, having my phone on my bedside table at night, and all the bad habits associated with this addiction.

After my recent interview with Camille Preston, PhD,—author of Rewired, I see very clearly that I am “overwired” and have created a strong dependence on my iphone and computer for the continual access to information.

The consequence of being overwired is far reaching. This addiction affects your health, sleep patterns, your relationships. On the flip side, when you are not constantly connected, the result is that you are more productive. You work smarter and as a consequence achieve greater success in your career. Listen to the interview for more details.

So now I’m on a 20+ hour journey to a country where I cannot connect. Will it break me of my addictive behavior? Without the proper computer adapter, I must rely on my computer battery which is limited. I find myself only checking email a couple of times a day. It’s my only source of communication with my family, friends and business. I am amazed to discover that I can do this!

The interesting side note to all of this is that I am presenting at a women’s leadership conference in Nairobi. Women from six different east African countries and from different industries are present. What I find half way across the world may surprise you. They are also constantly connected to their blackberrys and phones! Who knew?

It still remains my intention to break myself of this unhealthy and unproductive behavior.

How many of you are overwired as well? Let’s create an intention together to:

  • Not sleep with the phone at our bedside
  • Not check email after 8 pm
  • Unplug during meals
  • Set a reasonable time table for checking emails and social media during the work day.

Are you with me?

Email me your intention and we can hold each other accountable and move together to live a better life and be more purposefully productive.