Of course, it’s the time of year that everyone is writing and thinking about what they are grateful for. We give thanks on Thanksgiving and it’s a great tradition to take the time to ponder about all the positive and wonderful things we have in our lives.

As I was thinking about being grateful, I couldn’t help but think about being great full and how it would be a terrific tradition to also think about what special gifts we each have to offer to our friends, our family, our community and the world. We take for granted our unique gifts. We often overlook our talent. We often focus on our shortcomings.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, let’s take stock of what we are thankful for and add to our list, the special and unique qualities we have that impact and influence those around us.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Be grateful for the special people in your life and “great” full for being you!