Do you have the drive to be successful?

I interviewed media executive Cathie Black this past week on my radio show and we discussed the attributes of successful women. According to Cathie, having not only the ambition but the drive to succeed is critical.

I couldn’t agree more so I put together a “Driving Test” for you to assess how much drive you have.

Here you go:

1.  Have you identified a career goal?

2.  Have you created a strategic action plan to achieve your goal?

3.  Do you dedicate time each week to network and build a power network?

4.  Do you have a sponsor?

5.  Do you consistently talk about your accomplishments?

6.  Do you understand the way decisions are made in your organization?

7.  Have you put a plan in place to meet these key stakeholders and build relationships?

8.  Do you seek out high profile projects and assignments?

9.  Have you asked for a promotion?

10. Have you identified what skills and experience you need to reach your goal?

11.  Have you put a plan in place to acquire those skills and/ or experience?

12.  Have you taken action on this plan so you can drive your career forward?

How did you do? You should have most of the above in place to qualify as a someone who is taking control of their career and driving it forward.


If you answered yes to up to three questions, you are in slow motion.

If you answered yes to five to seven questions you are in first gear.

Seven to 10 and you are stepping on the gas!

Ten to twelve and you are speeding ahead!!


Ambition alone will not help you reach your goal, but combining ambition with drive gives you the fuel to accelerate your career.