I’m sure most of us are unaware of how often we make assumptions. We make assumptions every day about how other people think and feel, and these assumptions then lead us to behave in ways that sabotage our relationships, our careers, and erode our self-confidence. We make assumptions based on gender and race. We make assumptions and judge people based on their background, education, religion and age.

Have you ever thought about how dangerous it is to make assumptions?

We certainly don’t want others to make unsubstantiated judgments about us, right? We don’t want the decision makers in our company to assume that because we are women or that we are mothers, that we are less competent or less committed to doing the job or taking the promotion. Yet, how many times do we sabotage ourselves because we ourselves make false assumptions?

Here are the top 10 assumptions that can prevent you from getting ahead.

  1. You assume that people understand how valuable you are to the organization even if you don’t tell them.
  2. You assume that people will recognize and reward you even if you don’t let them know what you’ve accomplished on a regular basis.
  3. You assume that you will get promoted just because you are talented and work hard.
  4. You assume that if you are assertive people won’t like you.
  5. You assume that it’s important that everyone like you in order to get ahead.
  6. You assume that embracing the workplace politics is just for men.
  7. You assume that networking means connecting with people you like and know.
  8. You assume that the salary or raise you are offered is the best final offer.
  9. You assume that if you negotiate for a raise it will be viewed negatively.
  10. You assume that opportunities will surface solely because of your excellent track record.

Are you guilty of making any of these assumptions? Which ones?

These assumptions are sabotaging your efforts to accelerate your career!

Take control of your own career destiny and make it your intention to let go of these assumptions and do the work to move yourself forward.