You want a promotion but a voice in your head keeps telling you that you’re not good enough despite all your qualifications for the position. You convince yourself that you’ll never get it, and unconsciously, your negative thoughts influence your behavior, your body language and communication. As a result, you either don’t throw your hat in the ring, or you ask for the promotion but then don’t do the things necessary to secure the new position like advocating for yourself, building a network, and sharing your ideas and opinions. The result: you don’t get promoted.

Of course, when you don’t get promoted, you see that as validation that your thoughts were correct. You weren’t good enough after all.

And this is your trap. You are stuck in a belief system that is not working for you.

Psychologists believe, “Your thoughts, if you think them over and over, and assign truth to them, become beliefs. Beliefs create a cognitive lens through which you interpret the events of your world and this lens serves as a selective filter through which you sift the environment for evidence that matches up with what you believe to be true. When the brain is primed by a certain belief to look for something, it shuts down competing neural networks, so you actually have a hard time seeing evidence to the contrary of an already existing belief.”

Nao Stanton is the author of recently released English translation of Earth Revealed: Unravel the Secret Setting of the Earth Matrix Fulfill Your Soul’s Desire. With a strong message of empowerment, Stanton shows us that our reality is ours to mold and shape, and that we can break out of this trap and unleash our true power and potential. Stanton invites us to step into a world of endless possibilities, emphasizing the power we all have to find our true purpose.

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