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I don’t believe I have ADD, but there are some days that my lack of focus makes me wonder. For example, since I started writing this blog post, I stopped to pay a couple of bills, finished washing my breakfast dishes, and checked out Facebook. Can you relate to this?

There are some days that I am so focused that nothing will get in the way of me being productive. I start my day early with a run or a trip to the gym and usually am in front of my computer working by 8 am the latest. By mid- afternoon, I’ve accomplished most of the tasks on my to-do list and more. I love those days! I feel good about myself.

Of course our body rhythms change from day to day, but I see that a consistent lack of focus with many of my clients sabotages their efforts to succeed. We set goals. We make a plan and yet it remains a constant challenge to stay on track.

I’m not a psychologist but I do question whether we allow ourselves to be distracted because we don’t believe we are worthy of achieving the success we say we want. If we stay focused, what will happen? If we give it our full attention and yet still aren’t successful, what does that say about us? Is that our greatest fear?

Do you find that you commit to something but often don’t follow through with a consistent focus?

Are you easily distracted?

I know that being held accountable is probably one of the most valuable aspects of working with a coach.

Think about what keeps you from reaching your goals. Perhaps it’s time to get some help to keep you on track. Work with a coach or find an accountability partner. Your lack of focus will sabotage your career advancement.