wilton-riverI am sitting in my office this morning writing this post. I look out the window and it’s chilly, yes, but also beautiful. Ducks are swimming in the river behind my house. A stately heron balances on one leg waiting patiently for his next meal to swim by. A mink hustles along the shore and runs into its nest beneath a log.

How can I not be grateful for my life and for the wonders of nature? I know there are  many blogs/articles about being thankful and grateful this week, but how many of us really do take the time to reflect on the beauty of our surroundings and the warmth and connection we have with our family and friends?

I couldn’t help but notice that Christmas music was playing on the radio when I got up early this morning to go to spin class. People are already rushing around shopping malls and stressed about the holidays.

It is my hope that all of you can take a minute or two to enjoy your life and all that your life has to offer. It is these moments of quiet reflection that fuel us to be our best selves in everything we do.

I want to thank all of you who read my newsletters and blogs; those of you who are my clients, for your ongoing support. Please know that I am very appreciative and invested in the success of each of you!