Man-Woman-talking-iStock_000008569312XSmall1A new study published by the American Psychological Association reveals that women are perceived just as effective, sometimes more so, than men when it comes to leadership. In fact, they are seen as more effective in both middle management and senior leadership roles!

The researchers in this study state that, “As organizations have become fast-paced, globalized environments, some organizational scholars have proposed that a more feminine style of leadership is needed to emphasize the participative and open communication needed for success.”

One of the most important consequences of our changing workplace could very well be the new requirements of leadership that align with the value women bring to the table. Though many organizations still adhere to outdated processes developed since the Industrial Revolution, those companies that are looking for ways to create a sustainable future are committed to changing their culture. The traditional command and control leadership style associated with these outdated work environments stifles the innovation and collaboration necessary for an organization to thrive and survive in the globalized marketplace.

This is great news for women in the future world of work. Finally, our innate talent will be recognized and our feminine leadership style aligned with company values. No more pretending to be more like men to be successful.

Do you think we will now see more men trying to copy our feminine leadership style? It’s about time!

What needs to happen next is for women to be compensated equally for the value they bring to their organization.