Asian businesswoman using tablet surrounded by people rushing paWe each have our own personal relationship to success. We have unique ideas about what success looks like and about our ability to be successful. What I’ve learned from coaching professional women for almost a decade is that there are many reasons why women avoid success. Some women actually fear it and this fear can be a significant roadblock to reaching their career goals. Others get stuck because they just can’t figure out what is holding them back or they simply don’t know how to move forward. The result is that many talented women opt out of their own success. They don’t embrace their talent and ambition and can’t make the commitment to overcoming their fears or learning how to move their careers forward.

Some women pay lip service to their ambition. What do I mean by that? They say they want to get ahead and get promoted. They say they want to be recognized for their accomplishments. But when it comes to doing the work so they can achieve their goals, they find some excuse not to do the work, hide behind their fears, and consequently remain stuck.

As women, we are used to taking the back seat and putting everyone elses needs before our own. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that our ambition can also take a back seat to family and other life circumstances. But when we get in our own way and when we walk away from our ambition due to fear or the lack of a commitment to understanding how to get ahead, then we are truly missing the opportunity to reach our full potential.

Ask yourself these important questions:

What does success mean to me?

Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?

Do I truly have the ambition to get ahead?

Am I ready to commit to that goal?

If not, what is getting in the way of me owning my ambition and doing the work?

What I’ve also learned from coaching professional women is that there are many talented women who really do want to move their careers forward and don’t understand why they’re stuck. They don’t have an idea how to get from where they are to where they want to be. Is this you?

If you are committed to your ambition and can’t figure out why you’re not moving forward, I would love to help you out. This is my mission and my passion. I want every talented hard working woman to get ahead, not only to reach their full potential, but to help organizations leverage this talent to be successful.

Do you own your ambition and don’t know why you’re not getting ahead?

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