Ambition is a complicated topic for most women. We are told growing up that ambition is important yet we hear very mixed messages about ambitious successful women. Society does not always support or encourage women to realize their ambition the same way it does men. We often get subtle and maybe not so subtle messages about women with ambition and power.

As we graduate from college and graduate schools with great aspirations for career success, we find the workplace doesn’t provide the opportunities for us to realize our goals. We face gender bias and stereotypes that hinder our progress. We witness the fact that there isn’t a level playing field despite our hard work and accomplishments.

These external barriers in the workplace coupled with our own limiting beliefs about self-promotion and self-doubt, contribute to our ambivalence about ambition. Over the course of our careers we may lose steam; we may lose the determination and grit to persevere and make it in a man’s world. Maybe we get frustrated. Maybe we decide to opt-out. Maybe we decide to take time out to care for our young children or aging parents. How does this all affect our desire to have a fulfilling career?

It’s complicated and I’m fascinated by this topic of women and ambition. I want to explore what factors support our success and what barriers we face, both externally and internally. I want to know from each of you what you feel about your own ambition and how that may have changed over time.

This is the subject of my next book and if you are a professional woman, I would LOVE your participation in this survey if you have not already done so. I value all of your input!

Please take the survey.

I look forward to hearing from you.