giftThis is a busy time of year! We are tying up loose ends at work, making holiday plans with family and friends, and if we’re lucky, taking some time off.

We enjoy delighting our loved ones with special tokens of our love and appreciation. That’s the holiday spirit!

But do you show that same love and appreciation for yourself?

The greatest gift you can give yourself is one of recognition and respect for what you have accomplished this past year.

It’s easy to overlook or forget what we’ve been able to achieve over the course of a year. Unfortunately, we tend to readily remember our failures and shortcoming rather than our successes.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season and write down ALL of your accomplishments this year. Take the time to pat yourself on the back. You will not only feel well-deserved pride, but this exercise will boost your confidence and help you begin the New Year with great optimism.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you much peace, love, and happiness in 2016 and beyond.