On July 22, the Mighty Mermaids relay team will swim across the English Channel. This six women team, each over 50, will attempt what only 1,832 other swimmers have done successfully since 1875.

Elaine Soloway is a PR consultant, author, writing coach and tech tutor. She celebrated her 80th birthday with a new tatoo, defying ageist stereotypes, and set a new goal for herself to learn to play the piano, learn Spanish and how to swim.

Of course, there’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG, who remains a critical Supreme Court justice and defender of women’s rights at the age of 86, who’s work ethic and workout routine is celebrated by an adoring public.

And, the first time in history, we have six women running for president of the United States, five of whom are over 50.

What’s happening? Are women finally learning how to age boldly? And exactly what does that mean?

It’s clear that older women, once dismissed as irrelevant, are now fully stepping into their power and pushing aside the ageist assumptions that define them as over the hill. We need to celebrate and honor these brave women in order to help those who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon of what it means to age boldly.

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