When you own something that you’ve inherited, and it’s your father’s work, it’s important to get it right.” – Lisa Henson

LisaHenson, along with her four siblings, spent much of her childhood, in her father’s workshop and studio in New York City. To her, it was a magical place where puppets were drawn and sculpted, and came to life. What a marvelous introduction to innovation and creativity for the woman who now, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, is tasked with not only honoring Jim Henson’s legacy, but moving the company forward in new and dynamic ways.

Lisa shared with me that when Jim went on locations to Canada or shooting in New York, she and her siblings, spent a good amount of time on set observing. “In some ways, it was a place for us to play, but it was also a place for us to learn and to absorb what he and his collaborators were doing. Then, as I got older, I spent much more time with him in a substantive way. In story meetings. I’d love to go to the editing room on Muppet Show in London. He took me to some pitch meetings, which was really fun. When I was in college, he allowed me to tag along to some of his pitches in Los Angeles.

We loved to talk about work. I loved to talk to him about his projects. He loved to talk to his kids about what he was doing. There was a lot of sharing and, I guess you could say unofficial mentoring in bringing us along, because he did really hope that we would work in the business and make it a family business.”

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