In 2008, Sarah Ann Masse went to Harvey Weinstein’s home to interview for a nanny position. A young actress at the time, Sarah was using childcare work to support her acting career. Shockingly, Weinstein conducted the interview in his underpants, and then, according to Masse, at the end of their conversation, he gave her a long tight hug and told her he loved her. She left and told no one of the incident.

In a recent interview with me, Masse, an LA-based, bisexual, and invisibly disabled actor, writer, singer, producer, filmmaker, and comedian, commented, “I was really afraid to talk about it for a long time, and when the New York Times story about Weinstein broke, it was the first time that I realized I wasn’t alone in all of this.” Masse went on to say that a friend encouraged her to speak to the press about Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. She did so in 2017, thinking, “I wouldn’t be harmed by outing him. Everyone knows now. Everybody knows the truth. I’m not alone. I’m just one non-famous actress speaking up.”

About a month and a half after calling out Weinstein, Masse was told by her agent that she was being blacklisted; that casting directors were saying that they weren’t going to call her in for auditions. “I watched my auditions completely disappear. I went from having half a dozen auditions a month to half a dozen auditions over four or five years.”

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