The combination of a low birth rate and increase in longevity is changing the demographics of the workforce. The workforce is aging. This reality, in combination with a global talent shortage, is forcing companies to expand their talent search beyond the traditional job seekers to those they have previously ignored such as mature workers and those with gaps in their resumes. In fact, a new report from Manpower, The Future of Work is Humanpower, confirms that 34% of the 30,000 employers from 41 countries that participated in their research are now more willing to hire seniors and 27% are more willing to consider candidates with employment gaps.

Companies committed to staying on top of this trend of the aging workforce are realizing the need to adjust their culture, their recruitment strategies, retention efforts, and make any modifications they may have to make to prepare for this change.

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I recently spoke with Laurel McDowell, Project Coordinator, Specializing in Job Connections for Mature Workers, at Manpower about their new research to learn more about the findings and how that affects companies and today’s job seekers.