Burn out is real and getting worse especially for women. Harvard Business Review cites gender inequities, that include being “less likely to be promoted than men yet more likely to head single-parent families and take on unpaid labor,” for the reasons women experience it more than their male counterparts. These inequities along with a worsening child care crisis have led to the gender gap in burnout more than doubling since 2019. Gallop reports that one in three women are considering downshifting or leaving the workforce altogether.

For those women who are unable to downshift or leave their jobs, the challenge remains: how can I reduce my stress, stay healthy, and get the care I need?

Momoko Uno, owner and co-founder of the Omni Wellness Center NYC, is a certified functional medicine practitioner with a medical degree in internal medicine, integrating pharmaceuticals and Chinese herbal medicine. A licensed acupuncturist, she also holds a master’s degree in psychology with a certification in Consciousness Health and Healing.

We recently had a conversation about how women can take care of themselves during times of elevated stress to prevent chronic illness and foster their well-being.

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