You’re the only woman at the poker table. The attention turns to you to make your next move. At that moment you ask yourself, ‘What’s my next play?’ ‘How aggressive should I be?’ ‘What am I willing to risk?’

Jennifer Shahade, two-time Global Poker award winner and chess champion, member of team PokerStars Pro, and an Ambassador for Poker Power, has poker career earnings of over $480,254. An advocate for gender equality and empowerment, Shahade spoke to me recently about how poker helps women feel more comfortable being aggressive and addresses their fear about money and risk taking.

According to Shadade, “poker very concretely shows you that is not an option not to be aggressive. You must be aggressive at some point and it’s critical to learn the exact balance between patience and aggression. If you’re too aggressive, you lose your chips quickly. If you’re too patient, you lose them slowly. Intellectually, finding the right balance isn’t difficult, but I’m going to tell you, psychologically, it’s really hard.”

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