The grandmother elephant is the matriarch of the all-female herd in the Savanna desert. With the full support and respect of the herd, she provides leadership from the ancient wisdom and experience passed down from her elders. She negotiates, discusses, and collaborates in a democratic fashion before making decisions.

Female hyenas, bigger than the males, have immense power. As alpha females, they decide who mates with them and when. Their natural order dictates the youngest daughter as the chosen leader. Ambitious and ruthless, there are few things these females won’t do to grab power, including murdering their younger sibling to win the crown.

We meet these two matriarchs and many more in Queens, the new National Geographic seven-part series narrated by award winning actress, Angela Bassett, which premieres March 4th on the National Geographic channel, and streams March 5th on Hulu and Disney+. Led for the first time by an all-female production team , the series celebrates the resilience, determination, and fierce power of female leadership in the natural world.

We learn from the shared stories of these female leaders that there is no one way to lead. Leadership can be about dominance and brute force over others, or it can emanate from compassion, friendship, and alliances. Some of these females are vicious and some are kind and soft, but the one thing they all have in common is they get the job done!

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