As we approach 50 and beyond, with the blessing of longevity and good health, poet Mary Oliver‘s famous quote, “What Do You Plan to do with Your One Wild and Precious Life?”, becomes even more poignant.

Many women in this demographic spend time travelling, playing with their grandchildren, and settling into a well-deserved retirement; some may start new businesses and continue to work.

But none of these options appealed to Judy Davis Whitlow.

Sharper Than Ever

On her 75th Birthday, she started on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. She decided she was going to play in the World Series of Poker, a live poker festival held every year in Las Vegas. It was an incredibly badass move, for Judy who had never played poker before, even recreationally.

She started with reading three books including ‘Texas Hold’em for DUMMIES’ and, dismissing any intimidation for her lack of experience, she headed to Sin City. In that first tournament, not only was she surrounded by many seasoned players, she found herself in a sea of 2,240 men and a handful of women. 

She cashed out and placed 175.

That tournament was life-changing for Judy. She found a new passion: poker, a game that places you at the centre of the action, sharpening your mind, building confidence, strengthening your decision making and testing your skill. 

Since then, she’s never looked back.

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